M'elodieUltraCompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Subwoofer Integration

The clarity and power M'elodie provides deserves low-frequency support with the same qualities. Meyer Sound's 500-HP subwoofer provides sufficient low-frequency output for most applications, with a maximum peak output of 135 dB SPL over its operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 140 Hz. The 500-HP is the ideal partner for M'elodie when it is desirable to fly a subwoofer as part of a M'elodie array.

Flown arrays can be built using the MG-M'elodie multipurpose grid for the 500-HP fitted with MRF-500. In addition, M'elodies can be also groundstacked on top of the 500-HP. Cardiod arrays can be configured using the versatility of the 500-HP rigging frames.

In applications demanding more low frequency the 600-HP high power subwoofer can also be used with M'elodies. Flown arrays can be built using the MG-MICA multipurpose grid for the 600-HP and then the MTF-MICA/M'elodie transition frame. Using the MTF-Mica transition frame M'elodie can also be groundstacked on top of 600-HP subwoofers.

For the most extreme applications the 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer can provide M'elodie with unparalleled low-frequency output.

Flown array with 500-HP and Mĺelodie underneath.

Groundstacked array with M'elodies on top of the 500-HP.
600-HP compact high-power subwoofer.
700-HP high-power subwoofer.
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