M'elodieUltraCompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker


  M’elodie can be ordered in custom colors to accommodate situations where the loudspeaker system needs to blend into the background


Custom Colors

M’elodie’s small size presents an elegant, low-profile appearance in applications where aesthetics are important. To complete the effect, M’elodie can be ordered with custom colors to match any environment. Of course, Meyer Sound applies the same meticulous approach to matching a customer paint sample for a custom loudspeaker finish as it does to assuring the highest level of performance in the product.

Rain or Shine

A beautiful look is always beneficial, but outdoor applications require robustness as well. With systems installed everywhere from outdoor shopping malls to cruise ships, Meyer Sound knows what it takes to protect loudspeakers from the elements, so you can order a weather-protected version of M’elodie with the confidence it will operate at its rated specifications, rain or shine.

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