M'elodieUltraCompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Plays Well With MICA


Artist rendition


MICA array with M'elodie array as sidefill

With its high power and wide coverage, there is no better downfill option for a MICA array than M’elodie. M’elodie has been designed to match the MILO family sonic signature, so when a performing arts center, theatre, church or other location is medium-large in size or needs higher SPL, the transition from a MICA main system to a M’elodie downfill or sidefill system will be smooth.

Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system is standard on all M Series models, making it easy to keep an eye on critical performance parameters for all of the loudspeakers in a MICA/M’elodie system.

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