With MAPP Online Pro, we can be assured that what we've calculated in terms of speakers and their splay patterns will be absolutely correct, every time. I like knowing that what I see is what I'm going to hear."

— Leon Rothenberg,
Sound designer, Wintuk

About Loudspeaker Measurements in MAPP Online Pro

MAPP Online Pro generates predictions by calling on loudspeaker models stored in a database of measurements.These measurements have been meticulously made in Meyer Sound’s anechoic chamber using a custom mechanical arm that can move a loudspeaker through 360 degrees of rotation. Measurements are taken at every degree rotation with 1/48th octave resolution. Working from 360 measurements of each loudspeaker in both the vertical and horizontal planes (for a total of 720 measurements), MAPP Online Pro is able to make predictions that are very accurate in both the frequency and time domains. Although the program offers a variety of options for the resolution at which the predictions can be viewed, the underlying data used for calculations are always high-resolution.

The accuracy of MAPP Online Pro's predictions has been confirmed by assembling the specified system and comparing the predictions to actual measurements. (For more information, see MAPP Online Verification Paper.)

MAPP Online Pro's patented client/server architecture means that Meyer Sound can easily add new models to the loudspeaker database and have each user’s client application automatically updated to make them available. Automatic program updates also eliminate version control problems, so users will find the same models and features no matter whose copy of MAPP Online Pro they are using.



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Using Array Correction
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