Acoustical Prediction: MAPP Online Pro

Tips on Java, Windows, and Macintosh OS X.

Windows and Linux Users:
If you already have Java 6 on your computer and you click on the link in step two, MAPP Online Pro will download and launch automatically. To get the latest version of Java, visit the URL:

Macintosh Users:
From Apple > Preferences choose Software Update. If a Java update is available, please download and install the most recent version.

After an update, if you are prompted for your account and password, use the Accounts and Passwords URL to obtain the instructions and launch program link.

Creating a desktop application for a Java Cache Web Start application: Mac OS X
After you have used a Java Web Start application a couple of times, you may want to create a desktop application for it. Creating a desktop application allows you to open the application directly rather than opening Java Cache Viewer first.
Select the application in the Java Cache Viewer list.
Choose Applications > Create Desktop Application.
Enter a name for the application and choose where is should be saved.

Windows Users: Java for Windows
Always download the Offline Installation package available at:

Reinstall MAPP from the original approval email from Meyer Sound. If you no longer have the approval email please go to the Accounts and Passwords link and type in your email address used to sign up for your MAPP Pro account. A message will be sent to you that contains your password as well as the URL for installation.

Creating a desktop short for a Java Cache Viewer Web Start application: Windows
To Launch the "Java Cache Viewer" - double click on the Java icon in the control panel and push the "View" button under "Temporary Internet Files."
To create a desktop icon for Java Webstart, go to: c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin
Create a shortcut to javaws.exe and place it on your desktop. Select the shorcut and view it's properties. At the end of the Target line, add "-viewer" with quotations (see screen capture image below).

Java Shortcut

Click OK and then launch the shortcut. The Java Control Panel will launch along with the Java Cache Viewer. From the Java Cache Viewer select MAPP Online Pro, but do not launch the program. Right-Click and select "Install Shortcuts" or click on the Install Shortcuts Icon.

Java 1.6 Cache


Please use "Save Project As" and create new names when saving projects created by previous versions of MAPP Pro.

If you are having difficulties with Zip files created in previous versions, extract the xml and dxf files so that they are separated, open the xml in MAPP Pro, re-import the dxf and re-save your project as a zip file using a different name. REMEMBER: Zip files are not overwritten, they are updated. We recommend that zip files which show errors andwere created with previous versions of MAPP Pro should be deleted after the project has been repaired.



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