MAPP Online Pro acoustic prediction program has been replaced by the new MAPP XT system design tool.

MAPP Online Pro

The ability to predict the performance of a sound system is indispensable to system designers in every application. Meyer Sound combined rigorous scientific techniques and careful, high-resolution measurements with direct input from leading designers and years of experience to produce the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program.

It’s a lifesaver when you don’t meet the FOH mixer until show day. You simply send each other MAPP files. Very nice, indeed!”

— Andri Gunnarsson, System Technician, Exton

Based on a patented method, MAPP Online Pro is a powerful, cross-platform, Java-based application for accurately predicting the coverage pattern, frequency response, impulse response, and maximum SPL output of single or arrayed Meyer Sound loudspeakers. Residing on the user’s local computer, the Java client application facilitates configuring arrays of a wide variety of Meyer Sound products and, optionally, defining the environment in which they will operate, including air temperature, pressure and humidity, as well as the location and composition of surfaces. Most 2D CAD (.DXF) files can be imported directly for accurate venue definition.

MAPP allowed us to quickly determine how changes in the geometry and alignment of the arrays would impact the coverage. I was astounded at how closely the MAPP predictions correlated to the actual results as measured with a SIM 3 analyzer.”

— Charlie Hulme, sound system designer, Genesee Theatre, Waukegan, Ill.

When a prediction is requested, data are sent over the Internet to a high-powered server at Meyer Sound running a sophisticated acoustical prediction algorithm using high-resolution, complex (magnitude and phase) polar data. Predicted responses are returned over the Internet and displayed on the local host in color.

The key to MAPP Online Pro’s value is the accuracy of its predictions. Performance predictions for each Meyer Sound loudspeaker found in MAPP Online Pro are based on a model of that product built from 360 1/48th-octave-band measurements taken with a SIM audio analyzer in our anechoic chamber. The extreme consistency found from cabinet to cabinet in Meyer Sound products guarantees that the predictions MAPP Online Pro makes from this high-resolution data will closely match actual performance.

With MAPP Online Pro, you can:

  • Run multiple “what if” scenarios in minutes to refine your system design for best coverage of the intended audience area
  • Clearly see interactions among loudspeakers and minimize destructive interference
  • Place microphones anywhere in the sound field and predict the frequency response, impulse response and sound pressure at the microphone position
  • Plan an entire portable or fixed loudspeaker system and determine delay settings for fill loudspeakers
  • Use virtual Galileo processing to predetermine the correct control settings for best system response
  • Gain valuable load information about the array to determine rigging capacities
  • Generate explanatory presentation materials for clients

For touring, MAPP Online Pro allows fast and accurate planning of system deployment for each venue on the tour, including both coverage and rigging information. Sound system designers for fixed installations can inform clients with understandable graphic illustrations of and detailed statistics on how a proposed system will perform. The designer then arrives at the installation prepared with a wealth of information that ensures the system will satisfy their requirements "out of the box" – including basic system delay and equalization settings. MAPP Online Pro’s accurate, high-resolution predictions eliminate unexpected coverage problems and minimize onsite adjustments. With MAPP Online Pro, every sound system has the maximum chance for success.

MAPP Online Pro client software is upgraded continually in order to add new Meyer Sound products to the database and enhance user features. Most upgrades are downloaded automatically when logging on to a MAPP Online Pro session. The MAPP Online Pro database includes nearly all current Meyer Sound products, including all M Series full-range and subwoofer cabinets.



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Using Array Correction
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