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Flexibility and Scalability

Few would argue with the idea the JM-1P is built on: a loudspeaker that sounds great, is extremely versatile, and is easy to use. Arrays can be flown horizontally or vertically, and for those times when it╣s not desirable to fly a system at all, the JM-1P is built to stack just as easily as fly.

Quickfly Rigging: Pins
JM-1P's captive QuickFly Rigging
Arraying is quicker and easier than ever with the JM-1P, because cabinets are tight-packed, which means there are no angle settings to calculate or spread adjustments to implement for each show. And we made life even easier by making the JM-1P's QuickFly rigging captive.

With precise horizontal coverage of 20 degrees per cabinet, scalable coverage has never been simpler: combine 2 cabinets for 40 degrees of coverage, 3 cabinets for 60 degrees, and so on.

Meyer Sound's Galileo loudspeaker management system incorporates simple presets for JM-1P arrays to quickly optimize your system. With the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program you can create accurate predictions for the behavior of JM-1P arrays and their interaction with all other Meyer Sound loudspeakers.

QuickFly Rigging And Accessories

The JM-1P hardware is designed to make it fast and easy to use in a broad range of applications.

• Cabinets are joined into arrays using only the captive links and quick-release pins. Links are spring-loaded to prevent rattling. Pins can be inserted while the array is on the ground or a surface.
• The MPA-JM pickup plate is used to fly horizontal arrays. Up to four cabinets can be flown from a single pickup plate. The pickup plate allows uptilt and downtilt of arrays from a single hanging point. Two pickup plate kits are required for arrays of five or six cabinets.
• The MTG-JM1 top grid is used when flying JM-1P cabinets as a vertical array. Up to six cabinets can be flown using the vertical grid.
• The MDB-JM1 dolly board carries a single JM-1P. Dolly boards interlock and cabinets can be pinned while on caster boards, enabling up to three cabinets to be transported fully assembled for rigging.
• The MTGSB-4B load spreader bar enables two MPA-JM pickup plates to be suspended from a single motor point for hanging arrays of up to six JM-1Ps.
• Durable nylon covers for a single JM-1P on a dolly board are also available.
  Horizontal Array
Horizontal array with single
pickup plate
  Horizontal Array
Horizontal array of 6 JM-1Ps with 2 MPA-JM pickup plates and 1 MTGSB-4B load spreader bar
  Veritcal Array
Vertical array with top grid
  Vertical Array
MTGSB-4B Load Spreader Bar
  Vertical Array
MTG-JM1 top grid can fly up to 6 JM-1P cabinets






Luke Jenks talks about the JM-1P at ProLight + Sound 2010




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