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Features & Benefits


Applies modern technology to overcome historical point source array limitations

Tight-packing results in cleaner sightlines and neater appearance, and eliminates angle setting

Each JM-1P cabinet utilizes an REM and horn for precise 20° horizontal coverage in tight-packed arrays

Exceptional size-to-power ratio; easily powerful enough to use for main system, delay stacks, or fill duties

QuickFly rigging offers flexibility of both horizontal and vertical arrays, with option to fly or groundstack

Consistent and predictable array performance ensures accurate system design



Theatres and theatrical sound reinforcement

Houses of worship

Portable and installed AV systems

Center and sidefill in large-scale systems

Concert Halls

Distributed systems in stadiums and theme parks


No one can do every job with only a single tool, no matter how useful it is. In sound reinforcement, the vertical line array has found great popularity in recent years for a number of good reasons. But Meyer Sound looks further, so we built a line of great self-powered curvilinear array loudspeakers, and then turned our attention towards the other major tool in the live sound toolbox: horizontal arrays. The introduction of the JM series redefines point source systems and sets the new standard in the 21st century.

Our first patents were for horn design and the trapezoidal cabinet shape. Now 30 years later, we have the design tools and technology to enable us to make the quantum leap forward in the JM-1P to modern point source systems.”

- John Meyer

The JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker combines Meyer Sound's famed clarity of sound and robust, self-powered performance with our latest breakthroughs in horn design, rigging and loudspeaker control to produce an extremely easy-to-use, highly versatile arrayable loudspeaker system powerful enough to act as a main system, but flexible enough to serve in any number of supporting roles whether horizontal or vertical, flown or stacked. With the level of performance and flexibility, the JM-1P is a wise investment that has a place in every job and on every tour.

Meyer Sound defined the point source array with the classic UPA-1 in 1980, and the self-powered UPA-1P remains one of our top sellers today. With the tremendous technology advances of the last 12 years built into the JM-1P, we are redefining point source systems.

The optional RMS remote monitoring system provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.




Luke Jenks talks about the JM-1P at ProLight + Sound 2010




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