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Constellation in Houses of Worship

Empowering the Congregation

Fully Engage

Constellation adjusts the acoustic properties on demand so that each congregant can fully participate in a dynamic church program, with exceptional intelligibility for the spoken word and enhanced acoustic life for the church organ, chorus, and more.

A Room That Sings Along

Constellation effectively provides acoustic support for congregants to hear each other, fostering a harmonious singing environment that inspires worshippers to join in.

Community Outreach

Instead of locking into one permanent solution with traditional acoustics, Constellation with its sonic adaptability allows a venue to instantly transform into a world-class multipurpose hall for concerts, film screenings, and more.

Constellation at Clinton Frame Church

Create a Versatile and Welcoming Space

A Unique Asset

By electronically adjusting the reverberation time and early reflections, Constellation can enhance sonic clarity and intimacy with a level of versatility unattainable with physical variable acoustics.

Support for Modern Services

In a retrofit or a new construction project, Constellation can work hand-in-glove with sound reinforcement loudspeakers during amplified band performances or with a multichannel surround system for immersive productions.

Transformation at the Fingertip

With a simple swipe on a tablet, the audio engineer or worship leader can switch an acoustic ideal for speech intelligibility to that of a lush, reverberant cathedral, all within one service.

Fingertip Transformation
Constellation in Houses of Worship

During services when the worship team sings through the PA, we turn on Constellation and the crowd response keeps building as they join in. This folds back energy to the stage, and it just goes back and forth and gets stronger and stronger.

Joel MillerHead Sound Technician, Clinton Frame Church

The main benefit of Constellation is that we can finesse it. We are not locked into a permanent acoustical decision as we would have been with a fixed acoustical ceiling.

Chris GilleCTO and Chief Systems Engineer, Eastside Christian Church

A congregation isn't passive like the audience in a theater or concert hall. Worshippers play a vital, active role. We needed to create an environment that connects them to each other and supports their participation. Constellation was the solution to all our concerns.

Tim TraceyExecutive Director of Worship, Northland

Who's Using Constellation in Houses of Worship?