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Constellation in Theatrical Spectacles

Extraordinary Sonic Spectacles

Mesmerize through Sound

Create immersive soundscapes that baffle the senses and challenge perceptions – heightening the show experience with cutting edge sonic storytelling.

Magnify the Magic

By transporting the audience from a single room to multiple sonic environments, Constellation delivers a heightened show experience that simply cannot be replicated at home.

A Sound Investment

As programs change, a theatre can easily reprogram a Constellation system to provide the ideal acoustics for other musical or dramatic productions.

Energizing the Creative Toolkit

Design with Acoustics

From Las Vegas multisensory spectacles to Broadway-style musicals, Constellation has given an artistic power boost to directors' and sound designers' creative palette.

Unique Sonic Signature

By altering reverberation time and delay characteristics in real time, designers can handcraft sonic environments to match individual scenes, drawing audiences into the story and bringing depth and excitement to the entire room.

Powerful Backbone Technology

Behind every Constellation system is the highly adaptable and extensible D-Mitri digital audio platform, with 96 kHz audio and Ethernet network to handle every show type or scale, from in-the-round designs to revolving stages.

Limitless Creativity

Sound swoops through space magically controlled by Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap and WildTracks multichannel panning software. The sonic creative potential is only limited by a designer's imagination.

Constellation in Theatrical Spectacles

Amplified sound in a dead acoustical environment makes it sound like the room doesn't have any dimension to it. But with Constellation, all of a sudden the sound is given dimension, and everything sounds much more real.

Tony MeolaSound Designer, Wicked

Constellation is used very heavily to create the concert feel. We wanted to enhance the concert experience, to recreate a concert atmosphere in a theatre.

Jonathan DeansSound Designer, Michael Jackson ONE

Who's Using Constellation for Theatrical Spectacles?