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Constellation in Restaurants & Bars

Reimagine the Dining Experience

Keep the Liveliness, Not the Noise

Give your patrons exactly what they want – an energetic lively vibe at the bar and more intimate conversation in the dining area. Voices at the same table remain clear and distinct, while surrounding conversations and ambient noises are softly blurred to reduce impact.

Real-Time Acoustic Control

Compared to acoustic solutions based solely on absorptive materials, Constellation adds a flexible layer of control through dynamic adjustment. The restaurant is never too quiet for intimate conversations, regardless of occupancy level.

Design a Visual and Aural Paradise

To assure perfect harmony between eye and ear, the Libra acoustic image system works in tandem with Constellation by combining passive acoustic absorption with visual artistry, so designers are free to create a holistic eatery to keep customers coming back.

Acoustic Focus Explained

A Sound Competitive Edge

Create a Deeper Connection

Constellation brings a sharp focus to intimate conversations through an array of discrete microphones and loudspeakers working in sync with digital processing.

Customized Ambience to Set the Mood

A Constellation system can be split into separate zones, each with its own controllable acoustic signature, so that you can create a lively bar and a slightly more intimate area for dinner guests.

Smart Simplicity

To make acoustic adjustments, the operator simply chooses a preset on a tablet. Alternatively, an automatic setting is available for the system to detect the ideal acoustic setting based on the restaurant noise level at any given time.

All in One

Constellation can provide background music playback or combine with a live PA as needed, while ensuring conversations, music, and the energy of the collective restaurant dining experience are in perfect balance.

Constellation in Restaurants & Bars

[With Constellation] we're creating sonic microclimates, where people in proximity can converse easily, yet we still have an energetic buzz in the atmosphere. It's always convivial, but it doesn't distract or exhaust you.

John PaluskaOwner, Comal

Constellation is a flexible system that creates balance. It allows us to create different atmospheres at different times. We're able to make it romantic and quiet in a certain portion of the space, and lively in another part of the space at the same time.

Jonny RaglinDirector of Bars, The Absinthe Group

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