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Constellation in Offices & Meeting Rooms

The Sound of the New Workplace

Put Communication First

Constellation brings unparalleled room acoustic control to promote communication in dynamic corporate meeting spaces. For presentations, Q&As, roundtables, and breakout sessions, the system delivers the ideal sonic properties for the meeting style so participants are heard and understood with ease.

Delicate Balance in Open-Plan Offices

In open offices, Constellation offers a unique solution to reduce overall noise and maintain speech privacy. It turns typically disruptive noises from conversations and equipment into controlled acoustic ambiance so staff can carry on private conversations or focus on tasks with minimized distractions.

Smart Design to Boost Satisfaction

Constellation maximizes occupant comfort in a sonic environment that cultivates workplace communication and collaboration. At the same time, it offers abundant possibilities for reusing the acoustic environment for entertainment and other team functions.

Seamless Integration Into Architecture

Constellation’s visually discreet components work in tandem with the Meyer Sound Libra acoustic image system, which combines passive acoustic absorption with visual artistry. Designers are free to create a holistic environment pleasing to the ear and eye alike.

Voice Lift Explained

Fostering Collaboration with Acoustic Science

Free to Communicate

In a meeting, Constellation allows presenters to move freely and be heard even if they are facing away from the audience. Those sitting in the back of a room can ask a question without raising their voices. Hand-held and tabletop microphones are eliminated so everyone can focus on the conversation.

Intelligible Speech

Voice Lift optimizes room acoustics for clear speech by controlling early reflections that are critical for maximizing intelligibility. Speech is captured throughout the room and redistributed evenly to enhance clarity in every seat.

Simply Take Control

Whether it's adjusting the acoustic setting in a meeting or in an open-plan office, the user simply selects a preset on a tablet to instantly transform the room for the needs at the time. The complex acoustic science and computations that make these capabilities possible remain behind the scenes.

Multi-Manufacturer Network Integration

The technology backbone of Constellation, the Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform, is fully Ethernet-capable to enable integration with products from other manufacturers, including control, video, and teleconferencing.

Constellation in Offices & Meeting Rooms

Before Constellation, people in the back were asked to stand and talk louder. Now, with voice lift technology, people can stay focused on the conversation.

Amin LadhaAV Subject Matter Expert, Enbridge

Our goal was to optimize the space and improve communications. With the adaptability and surprisingly natural acoustical qualities of Constellation, we have achieved this goal to a remarkable degree.

Steen MertzDirector of Communications Technology, Jyske Bank

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