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Constellation in Multipurpose Venues

Create Highly Adaptable Venues

Extraordinary Flexibility

Vastly expanded options in terms of acoustic space and significantly reduced cost structure for stage changes offer virtually unlimited programming choices to meet the demands of the next generation of artists and audiences.

A Room Full of Possibilities

Constellation immediately transforms your venue into a flexible performance environment. Free of acoustic restraints, creativity explodes as the space can change from a concert hall to a jazz club or multi-media performance environment.

Evidence Is in the Hearing

From Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York to Svetlanov Hall in Moscow, Constellation's subtle yet powerful enhancements have impressed the demanding ears of musicians and critics in a growing number of worldwide installations.

Dramatic Transformation

Acoustic Control Made Simple

By electronically adjusting the reverberation time and early reflections, Constellation can enhance sonic clarity and intimacy with a level of versatility unattainable with physical variable acoustics.

A Digital Stage Shell for Performers

Constellation can provide a flexible, visually discreet electronic shell for musicians to properly hear each other in an ideal performance environment.

Designed to Integrate

Either in a retrofit or a new construction project, Constellation can work hand-in-glove with sound reinforcement loudspeakers during amplified events or with a multichannel surround system for immersive productions.

A Green and Cost-Effective Alternative

With Constellation, a venue can electronically create the resonance of a symphony hall in a much smaller space than traditional concert venues, reducing environmental footprint and building costs.

Constellation in Multipurpose Venues

Constellation is a crucial part of our public profile as a diverse arts and entertainment venue. We can stage operas, concerts, theatre, conferences, and even films without having to accept compromises in acoustics. That's what makes the venue truly different.

Janne AuvinenEvents and Venue Director, Logomo Hall

The reaction of the musicians [to Constellation] has been remarkable. Now they are just beaming at one another while playing. Their ability to hear other parts of the ensemble has been greatly enhanced, and this has improved their overall performance.

Jim BlackExecutive Director, San Luis Obispo Symphony

It was obvious that something magical had happened during the interior upgrading. Instead of the underwhelming 'mono LP' sound, there was volume, bloom, and the stereo-like envelopment you get in a great lyric theatre.

Brian RudmanMusic Critic, The New Zealand Herald

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