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Constellation in Education

Transform the Learning Environment

From Lecture to Dialogue

Constellation energizes interactive learning with unparalleled acoustic control. In today's dynamic teaching that demands clarity in group discussions, presentations, Q&As, and lectures, the system ensures all nuances in communication are heard, while shifting classroom dynamics in a subtle yet profound manner.

Inspire Future Musicians

By providing a world-class acoustic environment for different musical genres—a space where students players properly hear themselves and each other—Constellation makes music learning more rewarding and inspires students to realize their full potential.

Advance Research at the Cutting Edge

Constellation opens up new opportunities in pioneering scientific discovery and education, with applications that include virtual reality environments and furthering studies on the impact of noise and sound on humans.

Classroom Innovation

Engage Students and Audiences

Clarity for the Spoken Word

Constellation's voice lift feature enhances controlled early reflections to maximize intelligibility in a classroom setting where speech clarity is essential. Voices are captured throughout a room and processed with the ideal balance for clarity at every seat.

Do More With Less

Schools can maximize budgets by consolidating several dedicated-purpose rooms into one high-performance multi-purpose space, where a black-box performance theatre can instantly shift to a rehearsal room, lecture hall, or conference space.

All-Around Adaptability

In a retrofit or a new construction project, Constellation can work hand-in-glove with sound reinforcement loudspeakers during amplified events or with a multichannel surround system and body mics in immersive productions.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

To switch acoustic environments, the user simply selects a preset on a tablet to instantly transform the room. In research projects and other uses where audio requirements are less predictable, the system can be reprogrammed as needed.

Constellation in Education

I started with Constellation off, and when I turned it on I could see the students' eyes just come alive. When we talked afterward, a trumpet player in the back row said, 'I could never hear the flutes before, but now I can really hear them.'

Troy GunterVice President & Director
Valley Christian Schools' Conservatory of the Arts

[Constellation] transforms the auditorium into a tremendous resource for all the schools in Temple and for the surrounding community. It just gives us enormous flexibility.

James PfeifferDirector of Fine Arts
Temple Independent School District

Constellation is stunning in its ability to create realistic, fully immersive sonic spaces. It makes the research and exploration experience more engrossing and user-friendly.

Zachary SeldessAudio Systems Coordinator and Developer
Visualization Laboratory, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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