Acoustic System


Imagine the Possibilities with Flexible Acoustics

Multiple Sonic Environments in One Room

In acoustics, one size does not fit all. Constellation offers an elegantly simple way for venues to transform architectural acoustics with a finger tap, affording a level of sonic flexibility never before possible.

A Beautiful Marriage of Sound and Architecture

Constellation can seamlessly integrate into an environment, meaning designers can now create an uncompromising, holistic experience for the ear and the eye.

Retouching Acoustics From Music Halls to Classrooms

With its ability to tailor acoustics, Constellation has been adapted to provide optimal sound across a wide spectrum of environments, elevating listening experiences and reshaping building design.

Custom Acoustic Solution

Microphones - Loudspeakers - Processors - Acoustic Services

Enriching Physical Spaces through Engineering

A Technological Leap in Variable Acoustics

Constellation is a digital approach to controlling reverberation time, early reflections, and other key ingredients vital to the sonic clarity, warmth, and resonance of a space.

One Powerful Package

Constellation integrates high-quality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing, patented algorithms, and proprietary certification techniques in a flexible package available exclusively from Meyer Sound.

User-Centered Design

Through close collaboration with your entire project team, Meyer Sound customizes each system to serve the unique needs of a venue, with easy-to-use presets that allow operators to make instant adjustments.

Visual Integration

System components are available in custom colors to blend seamlessly with your surroundings.



In jazz and almost every form of music, extraordinary concerts can only happen when musicians hear each other clearly, and audiences hear and feel exactly what is happening on stage... If you have a space that is even slightly problematic, do yourself a favor—install Constellation and perfect the experience for both musician and listener.

Wynton MarsalisManaging and Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center

[At SoundBox,] Constellation provides the optimal acoustics for each musical genre and has helped us create a space where audience and musicians can explore a new kind of musical journey together.

Michael Tilson ThomasMusic Director, San Francisco Symphony

[With Constellation,] the Meyers have thus had a democratizing influence, allowing ensembles to obtain pleasing results in problematic spaces. They have helped to make classical music a more mobile, adaptable beast, one that is freer to roam the entire cultural landscape. A mirage of the Musikverein can arise almost anywhere, with a few swipes on a screen.

Alex RossMusic Critic, The New Yorker

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