Compass RMSRemote Monitoring System

Features & Benefits


Extensive real-time loudspeaker feedback for amplifiers, drivers, limiting, cooling, and fault alerts


Ethernet-based control and communications built on open standards

Backwards-compatible with existing RMS-equipped Meyer Sound loudspeakers

RMS is now controlled and configured within Compass software

Mute and solo individual loudspeakers or groups of loudspeakers

Wink and ID controls easily locate any loudspeaker in the entire system

Loudspeaker RMS modules connect easily to networks with twisted-pair cabling

Email notifications even when Compass is not running


Stadiums, arenas, and concert halls

Theatrical sound reinforcement

Cinema installations

Theme parks

Touring sound reinforcement

Large-scale events

Compass RMS is the latest in remote monitoring technology from Meyer Sound. Comprised of RMServer compact hardware, Compass software, and RMS modules in the loudspeakers, it is simple to configure and easy to use on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Compass RMS helps you get the best out of your sound systems by reporting the exact status of every loudspeaker and how much power is being applied, at any time.

With Compass as the control software for Compass RMS systems, monitoring is an element of a fully integrated software platform for deploying and optimizing sound reinforcement systems over Ethernet.

You Spoke, We Listened

The original RMS was introduced in 1995, with Meyer Sound's first self-powered sound reinforcement systems. With the electronics and amplifiers located inside the cabinets, the need to monitor systems remotely required a powerful new tool.

Building on the original RMS, today's Compass RMS reflects extensive user-testing and feedback to achieve unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use in solving the real-world challenges of audio professionals. Compass RMS is an integral part of the complete solutions offered by Meyer Sound.


EMEA Inavation Awards 2014 Technology Finalist


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