Audio Post-Production

Acheron's clarity and power, along with ease of setup and equalization trimming, makes them unique in my experience. I've never had the pleasure of working with a better monitoring setup.”

- Walter Murch
Academy Award-winning Film Editor
and Re-recording Mixer,
Apocalypse Now,
The English Patient,
The Conversation

Meyer Sound's full line of EXP products was created with the whole audio chain in mind. Designed for the monitoring needs of sound-for-picture, Acheron systems are based on Meyer Sound's original HD-1 high-definition audio monitor. Known for its transparency, the HD-1 has allowed generations of award-winning sound designers to hear the full detail of their sources. Premixes monitored on an HD-1 translate to the dub stage with only minor tweaking, saving valuable production time. The same is true for Acheron Studio and Acheron Designer, which were designed for the specific needs of post-production. Based on Meyer Sound's devotion to the principles of linear systems, Acheron screen channel loudspeakers allow every nuance of the audio source to come through without misleading coloration or distortion, and without causing fatigue. Soundtracks mixed on Acheron translate smoothly to exhibition.

EXP is fast becoming the monitoring standard for film sound production, with systems in use at California's Skywalker Sound, American Zoetrope, Wildfire Studios, 20th Century Fox, and at De Lane Lea in London.

Meyer Sound design services is available to review cinema system designs to ensure that they meet SMPTE standards, as well as review specific designs created for cinema sound formats such as Atmos or Auro 3D.

To submit your design for review or for any questions about EXP cinema system designs, contact
EXP Dealers



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Evolution of Movie Sound


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