"Brilliant": Paul Weller, Canegreen, and MSL-4s
The Meyer Sound File - Spring 1996

Paul Weller Live

British sound rental company Canegreen has reported "brilliant" results using Meyer Sound's new MSL-4 self-powered loudspeakers. The company has been working with MSL-4s since pre-launch units were made available in England last summer. In the fall, they became the first European sound rental company to purchase and tour with a full production system, when they used an MSL-4-based system for rock musician Paul Weller's Stanley Road tour. The tour, which lasted 10 weeks, included performances in the UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Berlin. Weller, formerly of The Jam and The Style Council, and a Brit Award winner, has been enjoying great popularity in the UL.

The Stanley Road tour's sound system featured eight MSL-4s per side (seven aimed out from the stage and one used as a side fill), DS-2 mid-bass subwoofers, and 650-R2 subwoofers. USM-1s were used for on-stage monitoring. Autograph Sales of London supplied Canegreen with all the Meyer Sound Products.

"We were very happy to be able to work with Canegreen during the early days of MSL-4s," says Jim Cousins of Jim Cousins Associates. "Their expertise covers a very wide range of acts and types of events. Yan Stile of Canegreen is well-known in the rental business for his 'no-nonsense' approach. I respect his comments and opinions."

"The self-powered MSL-4s are so easy to use," says Stile. "They have such vocal clarity and headroom that it is possible to develop a really big band mix, and then just place the vocals on top. If every system was like this, life would be a lot easier."

Sound engineer Andrew "Ange" Jones, who mixed front-of-house, said, "We originally had alternative speakers lined up for this tour, but a test of the MSL-4 at Canegreen's premises quickly changed my mind. The success of the new design was immediately obvious - it is unbelievably loud for such a small unit. Being self-powered, the MSL-4s are extremely straightforward to install, removing the need for multiple amp racks. They simply take the same number of discrete sends as there are matrix outputs on the desk."

Like Stile, Jones is impressed with sound quality of the MSL-4s. "We have received many favorable comments on the sound quality throughout the tour," he says, "with visitors comparing the system to a very large, clean-sounding hi-fi. The guitars and piano are crystal clear, and the transient performance is startling."

Cane Green has also used MSL-4s for "Nutcracker on Ice" shows and for Jungle-type raves. For the "Nutcracker" shows, a single ring of 18 MSL-4s were used with PSW-4 self-powered subwoofers and UPA-1Cs downfilll and foldback. And Canegreen used their MSL-4s again for Paul Weller's appearance on the BBC television show, Later with Jools Holland, which aired in February. Weller performed fifteen songs live on the show.