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PragoSound Supplies Zucchero, Mike Oldfield
Pro Sound News Europe      July 1999
by Phil Ward

Mike Oldfield

PragoSound has supplied Meyer Sound equipment for concerts by Zucchero, which was on 22nd June and Mike Oldfield, on 24th July, in Prague.

Powering the performers will be a Self-Powered Loudspeaker System of four PSW-6s, 14 PSW-4s, 16 MSL-4s, and six CQ-2s.

Zucchero In other news, PragoSound has installed 10 UPA-1Ps and two 650-Ps in The Millennium, a new theatre in Prague, to be used in the popular Czech musical Rusalka.

Zdenek Otava of PragoSound also reports that the musical Dracula, in Theatre Istropolis in Bratislava, the capitol of the Slovak Republic, will be powered by four MSL-2s, two CQ-2s, one CQ-1 and four 650-Ps.