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Videos: "Natural Frequencies" Music & Light Spectacle Celebrates UC Berkeley's Landmark Clock Tower


For the 100th anniversary of its iconic Sather Tower, the University of California, Berkeley launched its year-long celebration with a performance entitled "Natural Frequencies."

A unique blend of live music and science, the 10-minute piece and an accompanying light show were both modulated in real time by seismic shift data taken inside the nearby Hayward Fault. Along with pre-recorded bells, carillonists Jeff Davis and Tiffany Ng provided music accompaniment from the top of the 307-foot clock and bell tower. Watch the UC Berkeley videos to see the performance.

The "Natural Frequencies" show was a joint effort between the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, the Department of Music, and the Berkeley Center for New Media. Sound reinforcement was provided by a Meyer Sound JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker system.

Sample of the performance:

Full performance:

February, 2015







Fox KTVU 2 News

CBS SF Bay Area

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