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Video: Sound and Light at the World's Largest Jazz Festival


To get a taste of Montréal International Jazz Festival's eclectic mix of artists across the more than 17 indoor and outdoor stages, see this year's lineup that included 2011 Grammy winner Esperanza Spaulding, Robert Plant, 17-year-old Montrèal Jazz veteran Nikki Yanofsky, kd Lang, Tony Bennett, and Diana Krall. Don't forget The B-52s and Ben L'Oncle Soul, who welcomed some 100,000 fans to the festival's open-air main stage, Scène TD.

This year, Montrèal Jazz worked with audio sponsors Meyer Sound and Solotech to ensure each of the 3,000 musicians would receive pristine sound reinforcement. Drawing from Solotech's large inventory of Meyer Sound loudspeakers from various generations, from the legacy MSL-5 and MSL-6 loudspeakers to the newer JM-1P, the festival transformed downtown Montrèal into what was described as "an over-sized concert hall."

Watch the featured video to hear the production team talk about the festival.

July, 2011



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