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Video: JM-1P Returns to Montréal Jazz Festival 2011


At the request of enthusiastic guest engineers, the JM-1P was brought back to two venues at the Montréal International Jazz Festival for a second year—the outdoor Loto Québec blues stage and the 1,458-capacity Théâtre Maisonneuve. In the featured video, the key advantages of the JM-1P are driven home by Hugo Tardif, technical coordinator for Solotech, the festival's sound provider:

"Everybody was amazed by how powerful the system was for the quantity of cabinets. It's very important as a rental company, you don't want to put 20 cabinets doing a job when eight can do."

Visit the Meyer Sound YouTube channel for videos from last year of Bill Winn, engineer of Herbie Hancock, and Richard Forte, engineer of Nikki Yanofsky, talking about mixing on the JM-1P.

September, 2011



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