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Month-Long Sydney Festival Gets Sonic Boost from Coda Audio and Meyer Sound


"We've always used Meyer Sound systems for the Festival. The sonic quality and the ease of integration make them ideal for large-scale applications of this sort."

- Michael Wilkie
Managing Director, Coda Audio

For three weeks this January, Sydney closed down several city streets and held an eclectic celebration featuring over 500 artists such as Brian Wilson, Bjork and Sufjan Stevens. Over a million people enjoyed the summer sun and rich festivities at outdoor stages, tents, and dance floors as well as musical acts and dance troupes in performing arts venues including CarriageWorks and Sydney Opera House. For the 14th year, Sydney, Australia-based Coda Audio handled audio and production duties with self-powered loudspeakers from Meyer Sound.

"The Sydney Festival is such a big logistical challenge," says Michael Wilkie, Managing Director at Coda Audio. "We actually started preparing for the event about nine months ahead of time, and we more or less dedicated ourselves to the Festival for the month of January."

"Each individual site presented a different set of challenges," says Wilkie. "Some of the stages are in areas with narrow streets and tall buildings that caused reflection; other spots were near residential districts."

Coda Audio employed powerful sound systems featuring Meyer Sound MILO, MICA and M3D line array loudspeakers, MSL-4 loudspeakers, M3D-Sub directional subwoofers, and a variety of other Meyer Sound reinforcement products. MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program was used to accurately predict the most appropriate loudspeaker configuration for various venues at the festival.

"We've always used Meyer Sound systems for the Festival," concludes Wilkie. "The sonic quality and the ease of integration make them ideal for large-scale applications of this sort."

Meyer Sound systems are installed in Sydney Theatre Company, CarriageWorks arts centre, Sydney Opera House, City Recital Hall and most other venues that hosted Sydney Festival events.

March, 2008







MAPP Online Pro

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