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Meyer Sound MICA Performs Poolside at FINA World Swimming Championships in Manchester


"Powered boxes were perfect because there was no ground space available for amp racks."

- Paul Timmins
Project Manager, Capital Sound Hire

The FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) World Swimming Championships attracted more than 600 swimmers from 116 countries to compete at the Manchester Evening News (M.E.N) Arena, Europe's largest indoor venue. Above the 25-meter pool constructed on the arena floor for the event, Capital Sound Hire of London rigged a poolside system of 36 self-powered Meyer Sound MICA line arrays for audio support.

"The smooth horizontal coverage and exceptional vocal intelligibility made MICA the perfect solution for this event," notes Capital's Paul Timmins.

The fact that most of the floor was underwater weighed heavily in favor of the self-powered MICA line arrays. "Powered boxes were perfect because there was no ground space available for amp racks," adds Timmins.

The system flown for the event comprised left and right arrays of 12 MICA loudspeakers each, flown at the far end of the pool, plus a single delay array, also with 12 MICA loudspeakers. Bass was supplied by four 600-HP subwoofers, with two hung at the top of each of the main arrays.

Technical production was coordinated by Great Big Events, with initial sound system design entrusted to Chris Pyne, a touring veteran known for his work with Kylie Minogue and Il Divo, among others.

Freelance engineer Simon Hodge, sound operator for the event, is pleased with the performance of the compact system in the very large space. "The client was very happy with the sound of the music throughout the room, and voices projected clearly to the back bleachers," Hodge observes.

September, 2008




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