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Meyer Sound MILO Helps Iggy Pop Shake Macedonia's Taksirat Festival


"You cannot compare the quality of the sound, the power provided, or the ease of setup of a Meyer Sound system with anything else."

- Petar Georgiesvski
General Manager, KLS

In the heart of the Balkans reside the slightly more than two million people who make up the Republic of Macedonia. Small though the country may be, the diversity and vibrancy of its capital city of Skopje is well demonstrated during the Taksirat Festival. Now in its eighth year, the festival, whose name derives from the Turkish word for "destiny," is renowned for bringing the region together. The most recent festival was no exception, with performances by Skopje's own BllaBllaBlla, Serbia's Obojeni Program and Van Gogh, as well as Seattle's Kultur Shock and the legendary Iggy Pop and the Stooges from the U.S.

To avoid the persistent freezing fog and frosty daytime temperatures, the festival was held inside the vast Skopje Fair, using two of the exhibition center's six halls. In the main hall, KLS Light and Sound brought the music to a crowd of 5,000 with the help of a system built around Meyer Sound's self-powered MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers.

"When we first heard MILO, we immediately realized that it would fulfill all of our requirements," says Petar Georgiesvski, general manager of KLS. "We were thrilled because the system has all of the power we need, yet it sounds so hi-fi." Georgiesvski's admiration of MILO saw KLS recently adding four more MILO cabinets and two 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers to the company's existing rental stock. The entirety of their new system was in use for the first time at Taksirat.

The main stage system used by Iggy Pop comprised seven MILO cabinets, one MILO 120 high-power expanded coverage curvilinear array loudspeaker, and four 700-HP subwoofers groundstacked beneath the arrays on each side, supplemented by two CQ-1 wide coverage main loudspeakers for frontfill. System processing and drive were supplied by a Galileo loudspeaker management system. Meyer Sound European Technical Support Representative Károly Molnár helped KLS ensure that the festival's sound was optimized, employing a SIM 3 audio analyzer during both setup and the show to monitor the system's performance.

The audience was situated both on the ground and along a balcony that runs a full 180 degrees around the venue's perimeter. Molnár worked with KLS's Dorian Jovanovic, using MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software, to design the system for even coverage across the venue.

In addition to the large balcony, the Skopje Fair hall has an uncovered solid concrete floor, high ceiling, and a similarly hard, untreated back wall. "This is the first time this space has been used for a show like this since it was acoustically treated," Jovanovic explains. "It has always been a major problem to work in this hall, as it used to have a reverb time of around three seconds. This time, with the MILO system and the acoustical treatment, I think the audience really noticed the difference."

Another first for the KLS team was the use of the company's newly purchased Galileo system. "The Galileo has really helped us with tuning the system, controlling the sidefills, infills and everything else," says Jovanovic. "Before, we had to go through several devices to get us to the same place that the Galileo can get us with one box."

"We are very happy with this setup, especially with the additional two MILO cabinets and 700-HPs per side. We have had several comments on how good it sounds, and I think the audience was very impressed as well," said the show's monitor engineer, KLS Executive Manager Bosko Mangarovski, proudly.

With such an expectant and enthusiastic crowd it was imperative that the MILO system perform as well as the artists, but that challenge held no concern for Georgiesvski. "You cannot compare the quality of the sound, the power provided, or the ease of setup of a Meyer Sound system with anything else," he concluded.

March, 2007



MILO 120




Galileo 616

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