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Norah Jones and Meyer Sound MILO Reunited on Tour

  Lee Moro, FOH   Engineer

"Norah was one of the first artists to take MILO on tour. The system was absolutely perfect, and there was no question we wanted the same rig this time out."

- Lee Moro
FOH Engineer, Norah Jones Tour

GRAMMY-winning singer and songwriter Norah Jones and The Handsome Band are once again on the road, carrying a sound system built around Meyer Sound's MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker and supplied by Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Audio Analysts, Jones's longtime sound company. Jones is performing in intimate, mid-sized theatres and concert halls on her current tour of North America and Europe in support of her latest album, Not Too Late.

The system consists of two arrays of 12 MILO cabinets, plus two 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers per side to cover the low end. Four M1D ultracompact curvilinear array loudspeakers are deployed for frontfill, with four CQ-2 narrow coverage main loudspeakers providing additional fill. Depending on the size and rigging scheme of the venue, the system can be scaled down to suit each room's specific needs.

"Norah was one of the first artists to take MILO on tour, " says FOH engineer Lee Moro. "The system was absolutely perfect, and there was no question we wanted the same rig this time out. The venues are intentionally smaller this time, so we've gone down to fewer components and swapped out the M3D-Subs (directional subwoofers) for the newer 700-HP, but otherwise, we've kept the same MILO system."

In fact, not only was Jones one of the first artists to tour with MILO, MILO is the only system she has toured with. Since bursting on the scene with her 2002 album, Come Away With Me, which garnered her six GRAMMYs, Jones has trusted Audio Analysts with the delicate task of accurately rendering her distinctive vocal and piano sounds. Audio Analysts, in turn, has only ever trusted MILO to accomplish the task.

Jones's intimate performance style requires special attention from Moro to ensure even coverage throughout the venue, even in the cozier confines of a theatre or performance hall. "Norah can play with an exceptionally soft touch," says Moro, "and sometimes I need to raise the faders pretty high on the piano to get the gain I need. MILO's focus is tight enough to allow me to do that without feeding back. That back row's pretty far away, but with MILO, I can convey that intimacy to the back of the hall without killing the people in the front."

Jones's tour covers 18 cities throughout the U.S. before heading to Europe for stops in London; Paris; Munich, Germany; and Barcelona, Spain, among other cities.

July, 2007







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