Metallica Upgrades to Meyer Sound MJF-212A Monitors and M'elodie

Photos by Jeff Yeager used with permission from Metallica.

"The MJF-212A stage monitors are able to cut through and still sound full. I can hear and feel my voice above the wall of 'Tallica. For some reason we like it loud!"

- James Hetfield
Vocalist, Metallica

Legendary metal band Metallica recently upgraded their Northern California rehearsal studio, replacing their old monitors with Meyer Sound's new MJF-212A self-powered stage monitors. The band also brought in six M'elodie ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers and a 600-HP compact high-power subwoofer.

"As we started pre-production for the new album we needed PA and monitor upgrades. The speed and ease of set up of the Meyer gear is unbelievable. We truly took the monitors out of the box and plugged them in and we were done. That never happens, " says Metallica's equipment manager, Zach Harmon. "Over the years sound companies have struggled to keep Metallica happy. Meyer has managed to meet and exceed the band members' expectations."

Vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield uses a pair of MJF-212A monitors, while lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo each use a single MJF-212A.

"The MJF-212A stage monitors are able to cut through and still sound full. I can hear and feel my voice above the wall of 'Tallica," says Hetfield. "For some reason we like it loud!"

The band's two stacks of three M'elodie cabinets per side serves the whole band well. "The M'elodies are great" says Mike Gillies, the band's studio engineer. "They're loud, clean and transparent, with lots of headroom and excellent dynamics. And they sound very natural, even without any EQ.

"Meyer's self-powered setup really answers the needs of a smaller rehearsal space," adds Gillies. "Setup is easy and flexible, and it's nice to ditch the fan noise and the amp racks, too. Meyer Sound is the obvious choice for any professional. It's great to have equipment that adapts to the room, instead of the room having to accommodate the equipment."

The band used Meyer Sound's MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers and MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers during their 2006 "Escape from the Studio Tour" dates in Estonia and Holland, and were reportedly impressed enough to check out the smaller M'elodie arrays for their rehearsal space. "Metallica demands the best," Gillies concludes. "Meyer Sound comes through with maximum output, clarity, and headroom, whether it's a mega-venue or a personal rehearsal space."

On June 28, Metallica will be out on their "Sick of the Studio 07" tour in Europe with Meyer Sound equipment.

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