Meyer Sound Injects New Life Into South Korean Corporate Conference Room


"After tuning, the operator listened to music and speech through the Meyer Sound speakers and was extremely satisfied with the sound."

- Edward Shim
International Business Department Manager, Avix Tech

If you've recently ridden in an automobile or set foot inside a steel-framed public building, the chances are that you've had contact with a POSCO (Pohang Steel Corporation) product without even knowing it. First established in 1968, POSCO started off as a modest player in the then-upstart South Korean steel industry. POSCO today is the world's largest steel manufacturing company, as well as one of the cornerstones of the Korean economy, and their business achievements have helped spur significant advancements in that nation's chemical, automotive, and electronics markets.

The Grand Conference Room at POSCO's Pohang City headquarters is a large room with flexible seating that accommodates up to 300 people for training, meetings, guest speakers, or videoconferencing with its Korean satellite offices. With POSCO's growth came increasing demands on the space, leading the company to decide an upgrade to the room's sound system was needed. POSCO turned to local pro audio firm Avix Tech for help.

As veterans of large-scale performing arts center, concert hall, and worship installations, Avix saw that the space presented several audio challenges, including older construction, an odd octagonal shape, and tricky acoustics. Their recommendations for improving the situation included adding acoustical treatment for the walls, redoing the ceiling, and installing a new sound system supplied by Meyer Sound.

Audio clarity and accurate reproduction were the top priorities for the sound system's primary uses: lectures and corporate presentations. But space for loudspeaker placement was extremely limited by the presence of a large projection television system and the room's small size and odd shape. With the options thus limited and a need for the system to be unobtrusive, Avix flush-mounted six M1D ultra-compact curvilinear array loudspeakers into the walls on either side of the room. "The M1D is compact, which allowed for easier installation," says Avix's Edward Shim. "Plus, the control room is separate, so the RMS [remote monitoring system] functionality appealed to the operators."

The main speakers are supplemented by four UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeakers for frontfill, and two M1D-Sub ultra-compact subwoofers to supplement the low frequencies during music playback, multimedia, and film presentations. Shim and crew used Meyer Sound's MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software for the initial loudspeaker system design, then ran the system through several tuning sessions with a SIM 3 audio analyzer. The results were stellar, says Shim. "After tuning, the system operator listened to music and speech through the Meyer speakers and was extremely satisfied with the sound."

After a nearly 10-year relationship between Avix and Meyer Sound, Shim recommends the products with confidence. "We have been doing business as the exclusive Meyer Sound distributor in South Korea for many years, and we are thoroughly satisfied with their products, customer service, and technical support."

June, 2006





MAPP Online Pro



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