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Kasabian Rocks Nottingham Under Meyer Sound Power


"MICA is doing exactly what we wanted it to do. It's a great sounding box that works superbly with MILO, but it also gives us an entrée into theatres."

- Paul Timmins, Capital Sound

Rising out of the gritty rock music smelter of Northern England, Kasabian has rapidly built a legion of fans throughout Europe and North America with a propulsive style that pays homage to the Manchester sound of the Eighties layered with 21st century techno-beats and entrancing space grooves. When the band returned to its native turf for a recent concert — the Nottingham Arena is a scant 30 miles from the band's home in Leicester — a packed house of 10,000 reveled in the full impact of their music through a system of Meyer Sound MILO high-power compact curvilinear array loudspeakers supplied by London-based rental company Capital Sound.

"They are a great bunch of lads," remarks Capital's Paul Timmins, who also serves as Kasabian's production manager. "They are having an absolutely meteoric rise at the moment, and it's great to be able to give them such a fantastic sound system."

The system design was anchored by main left and right arrays of 16 MILO cabinets each: 14 MILOs covering the long throw and mid-floor and two MILO 120 extended coverage high-power curvilinear array units splayed underneath providing seamless downfill for the near field. Two side hangs comprising six MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers each covered the stage-side seats, marking one of the first UK uses of this brand new product.

"MICA is doing exactly what we wanted it to do," remarks Timmins. "It's a great sounding box that works superbly with MILO, but it also gives us an entrée into theatres. We're using it in September for another tour by a band called Bloc Party."

Rounding out the system were eight groundstacked 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers per side, and a total of eight M1D ultra-compact curvilinear array loudspeakers used individually along the stage lip for frontfill.

According to systems tech James Colville, the consistent response of the Meyer Sound loudspeakers made it easier to attain uniform sound quality throughout the arena. "The Meyer system is very predictable," he maintains, "so we don't have to use a wireless tablet to walk every row and every tier. All we have to do is make sure we're covering the extremities and the hot spots."

October, 2005






MILO 120

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