Meyer Sound Interview with Mark Newman, FOH Mixer for the Black Crowes At the 35th Montreux Jazz Festival


Mark Newman in an interview with Mark Johnson 

Interviewed by Production Manager Mark Johnson, Meyer Sound.

MJ: We're here with Mark Newman, the Front of House Mixer for the Black Crowes. We're really happy that you could take the time out and come up here and talk to us for a minute or two. So, this is your first time using the M3Ds? What was your opinion of them?

MN: Great first impression. Real smooth in the high-end and the low-end was real punchy. For the Black Crowes or any rock band, that's so important to get a nice tight low-end without any weird overtones.

MJ: You've got some familiarity with Meyer equipment. In the past you've used some of the non-powered loudspeakers, the 650s [650-R2], the MSL-3s and cabinets like that. All of the newest loudspeakers we manufacture are self-powered. What do you think about this concept?

MN: From a touring standpoint I think it's great. You're truck pack is a lot more concise and troubleshooting is sometimes easier.

MJ: So, where are you on to next? You've been out for a couple of weeks at this point.

MN: A couple of months!

MJ: A couple of months. Here in Europe?

MN: It's been four weeks now here in Europe and we've got another three weeks to go. After we leave here we go straight to Paris, then to the UK for a week and then fly from London to Japan for a 10-day trip there.

MJ: Well, we really appreciate you coming by and thanks a lot for taking the time. I know you're really busy and have to get out of here and get on the bus. So thanks!

MN: Well, thank you.

July, 2001





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