Meyer Sound Interview with Production Coordinator Greg McVeigh At the 35th Montreux Jazz Festival


Greg McVeigh 

Interviewed by Lorin Horosz, Meyer Sound.

LH: What do you see as the highlights at this year's Festival? Are there any certain performances or venues that you have been unusually impressed with?

GM: At the risk of using a cliché, all of the performances at Montreux have a certain impressive aspect to them. I have said for years that there is a music to the madness in Montreux. You just never know what the day will bring. I have seen shows by bands from Turkey for instance, who will never play in the US and they just rock! Tonight we had the Temptations. Tomorrow is George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. George Duke is a friend of Meyer Sound who plays here every year. He is always great.

LH: I know that you're a veteran here at the Montreux Jazz Festival but I also know that this is the first year for Meyer Sound's M3D line array systems. What differences have you noticed this year with the new M3D loudspeakers in place?

GM: I think there are two differences. One is that we put the PA up this year in about one hour. It's six M3Ds per side with a couple of down fill cabinets, simple and true. The other aspect is that every front of house mixer who is at Montreux this year had a great experience with the M3Ds. In past years the guys have had a great night but there's nothing like a brand new system to peek their interest.

LH: What are the responses you've heard regarding the sound quality of the Festival? Would you say that the overall response has been a positive one?

GM: We have spent 14 years impressing sound mixers at Montreux. The high sound quality is a given. But this year seemed to elevate both the music and the sound. Every mixer was impressed by the M3Ds. And we had some tough shows with artists who tour the US with other systems. We sent them home happy.

LH: How has Meyer Sound's involvement in the Festival changed over the years and what direction do you see it taking in years to come?

GM: What's interesting to me is that it hasn't changed at all. The shows are bigger and our guest list has increased but the Festival remains pure.

July, 2001





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