Meyer Sound Interview with Andy May, FOH Mixer for Gary Moore At the 35th Montreux Jazz Festival


Mark Johnson interviewing Andy May 

Interviewed by Production Manager Mark Johnson, Meyer Sound.

MJ: Hi, we're here with Andy May who has been here [Montreux Jazz Festival] a few times. He was here last night with Gary Moore. Andy, you've also worked here as one of the house engineers a couple of years back.

AM: I came in '99. It was basically an MSL-4/MSL-6 system in here. It was good though. I had been trying to test it [MSL-4/MSL-6 system] over a long period of time.

MJ: Last night you had the opportunity to try out the M3D system that was pretty new.

AM: Well sorted, first day as well. When you do this Festival here it evolves over a period of a week. If you're the first act on the first day, it's not really fully tuned in. Nobody has the experience of it [Stravinski Hall] being a full hall. It changes quite a lot as soon as you cover that floor. But for the first day it sounded great. It sounded great by any standards! Coverage is exceptional. I think that Dave [SIM Engineer Dave Dennison] knows the room really well. He's had the benefit of being here for years and understands exactly what goes off. He knew exactly what to do with it to make it happen.

MJ: I noticed before sound check when you first came in you were just walking around and I noticed a little look of trepidation on your face before we actually got it [Meyer Sound system] fired up. I noticed that you started to settle down. Like, OK, this will work. This will work.

AM: Yeah, I think it changed. I wasn't quite sure in the afternoon. Because Dave was just playing some test CDs to some of the people you were showing around. I wasn't familiar with it [Meyer Sound system]. I thought overall, I'm not sure about this. But the one thing that was great was just walking towards the system. It never seems to get really hot. Most systems that you walk towards, as soon as you walk into it and get in real close proximity it doesn't gel until you're a little further away.

July, 2001







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