Meyer Sound and the Montreux Jazz Festival Pioneer Pro-Audio Excellence Into The Year 2000


MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND (July 7, 2000) - Year 2000 marks a moment in festival history as the 34-year-old Montreux Jazz Festival continues to set the standard as one of Europe's leading jazz festivals. With an awe-inspiring lineup of more than 50 artists and musicians performing live at one of 10 venues, the festival is expected to attract in excess of a quarter-of-a-million visitors from around the globe over the duration of the 16-day event, held from July 7-22.

Continuing its supporting role in the Montreux Jazz Festival, Meyer Sound will provide a wide array of its pro-audio products in its 13th year as a festival sponsor.

From Miles Davis Hall and Stravinsky Auditorium to Festival-Off and the Montreux Jazz Café, a host of more than 350 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems will be integrated into the festival venues to create a series of state-of-the-art pro-audio systems.

Adding to the dynamics of the PA systems at this year's festival will be Meyer Sound's new QuickFly rigging system, which offers an exclusive range of accessories to allow Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems to be easily flown singly or as part of complex arrays. Load-in/out time will also be significantly reduced at this year's festival, as arrays are significantly easier to assemble and break down.

Other highlights of the pro-audio systems at the Montreux Jazz Festival will include the 1999 TEC Award winning PSW-6 self-powered cardioid subwoofer which will be featured at both the Stravinsky Auditorium as well as the Miles Davis Hall. The PSW-6, which was the first subwoofer to exhibit a true cardioid coverage pattern throughout its entire operating range, offers the unique directional control of low frequencies.

This year's festival also marks the first appearance of the new Meyer Sound LD-2 line driver, a product designed specifically for integrating different types of Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers into an optimized full-range system. As a line driver, the LD-2 can connect to cable runs up to 1,000 feet without introducing instability or distortion. Additionally, the LD-2 incorporates a number of switching and filter options to facilitate quick setup and accommodate a variety of different system configurations, such as required by the Montreux Jazz Festival venues; Rouvenaz Stage, the Petit Palais, and the P-T Cruiser Café.

Artists taking to one of the 10 festival stages at this years' Montruex Jazz Festival will include such world-renowned talent as Joe Satriani (July 7), Macy Gray (July 8), Al Jarreau (July 10), Lou Reed (July 13), Suzanne Vega (July 13) and Diana Krall (July 18). For a more in-depth view of artists' performance schedules at the festival visit the Montreux Jazz Festival Web site at:

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