Montreux Jazz Festival


Year 2000 marks a moment in festival history as the 34th Montreux Jazz Festival continues to set the standard as one of Europe's leading music festivals. With an awe-inspiring lineup of more than 50 artists and musicians performing live at one of 10 venues, the festival is expected to attract in excess of a quarter-of-a-million visitors from around the globe over the duration of the 16-day event, held from July 7-22.

Continuing its supporting role in the Montreux Jazz Festival, Meyer Sound will provide a wide array of its pro-audio products in its 13th year as a festival sponsor, supplying more than 350 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems which will be integrated into every festival venue.

From Miles Davis Hall and Stravinski Auditorium to Festival-Off and the Montreux Jazz Café, attendees will have an opportunity to listen to some of the world's leading artists on the latest Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems. Artists taking to the stage this year include Macy Gray (July 8), Lou Reed (July 13) and Diana Krall (July 18).

Virtual Venues

Stravinski Auditorium

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One of the larger live venues at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Stravinski Auditorium offers music-goers a chance to hear some of the largest names in music today. From Joe Satriani and Macy Gray, to Al Jareau and B.B. King, artists perform to sold-out crowds on a daily basis. Included in the PA system configuration are four Meyer Sound MSL-6s, eight PSW-6s, six MSL-4s, six CQ-2s, and two HM-1S self-powered studio monitors.

Terrasse du Petit Palais

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Join a host of music fans at the Terrasse du Petit Palais, one of the Festival's many outdoor venues, as a host of jazz and blues bands from around the world take to the stage on a Meyer Sound system configured around two UPA-1Ps, two USW-1Ps and four UM-100P self-powered UltraSeries.

Gospel Boat

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Onboard the Montreux Jazz Festival Gospel Boat, you'll not only find attendees from around the globe but a host of renowned gospel artists performing with self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems. Included in the PA configuration are CQ-1s, UPA-1Ps, UPA-2Ps, USW-1Ps, UM-1P, 650-Ps and Meyer Sound's new USM-1P self-powered reinforcement loudspeakers. In the evenings join the party as the Salsa boat takes a cruise of Lake Geneva.

P-T Cruiser Café

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New to the Montreux Jazz Festival this year, the P-T Cruiser Café offers attendees a chance to hear live music while having the comforts of a café environment. Included in the PA design are five Meyer Sound UPA-2Ps, two USW-1Ps, and two UPM-1Ps.


Paul Mitchell - Sound Engineer For David Sanborn

Bill Fertig - Sound Engineer For Lou Reed

Michael Briggs - FOH Mixer for Al Jarreau

Jim "Bugsy" Moran - Sound Engineer For Huey Lewis & The News

Press Releases

Meyer Sound Continues Successful Partnership With Montreux Jazz Festival

Meyer Sound and the Montreux Jazz Festival Pioneer Pro-Audio Excellence Into the Year 2000

Montreux Jazz Café Setup

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The 2000 Montreux Jazz Café is even bigger and better this year. Configured around 33 self-powered loudspeaker systems, the Café's monitor system incorporates four of Meyer Sound's new USM-1Ps along with four UM-1Ps and two UPM-1Ps. In addition a host of six UPM-1Ps are integrated for use as delays and fill applications for audience sizes ranging in the mid hundreds.

Composing the FOH system design, which integrates Meyer Sound's revolutionary QuickFly rigging system, are four CQ-1s featuring an 80° by 40° coverage pattern, along with four UPA-1Ps, two UPA-2Ps, three DS-4P self-powered mid-bass loudspeaker systems and four 650-Ps.

Festival OFF Setup

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Diagram Festival OFF

Upon the grassy knoll of the main Festival OFF location adjoining the Parc Vernex, Meyer Sound was busy at work along with Dave Dennison installing a sizable self-powered loudspeaker system, complete with Meyer Sound's new easy-to-use QuickFlyrigging system.

For crowds ranging upwards of 1,000 attendees, the Festival OFF venue features four MSL-4s mated with four DS-4Ps which carry mid-bass through high frequencies with tight directional control. The four 650-P subwoofers in use produce the bass that fills out the bottom without the excessive boominess that can annoy ears near and far. Completing the audio configuration are two UPA-2P fills that extend coverage out to the side but drop off well before reaching beyond the defined audience area.

System Designs

Discover what goes into the Montreux Jazz Festival pro-audio system designs as Meyer Sound takes a look at four PA systems at the festival and gives you a visual rendering and technical perspective of the venues. Check back frequently July 3-10 for system design coverage.

Rouvenaz - Rockin' the Rouvenaz

Festival Off - Festival OFF Moves On

Miles Davis Hall - Miles Davis Hall Vibrates with VIM and Vigor

Stravinski Auditorium - Stravinski Soars with QuickFly, Delay Subwoofers

July, 2000














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