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Beijing's Forbidden City Hosts Musicians on Stage Night


On October 16-17 Beijing's Forbidden City was host to Musicians on Stage Night, a program that featured traditional dance and music performances from throughout the region.

The Forbidden City, constructed in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty, once served as the residence for 24 emperors of the Ming and Ching dynasties and remains a historic part of Chinese History.

Providing the pro-audio system for the audience of more than 2,000 was China Central Television (CCTV). Also involved in the program's organization was Austria's OLF TV.

The Meyer Sound system utilized for the program included 12 MSL-4's with 6 650-P's, 7 CQ-2's, 6 UPA-1P's, 2 USW-1P's, 6 MTS-4's and a CP-10 parametric equalizer.

The City itself occupies an area of more than 720,000 square meters and includes such historical buildings as the Hall of Supreme Harmony, The Midway Hall of Harmony and the Hall of Union and Peace.

November, 1999








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