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Pope John Paul Shares His Message Using MSL-10s


In the New Testament, you can read about Jesus traveling around teaching to tens of thousands of people. It must have been a miracle indeed for his audiences in those days to understand him with no amplification. Today, with modern technology, the Pope can speak to tens of thousands of people at one time, and everyone can hear every word he says. During the Pope's recent tour of the United States, Meyer Sound's MSL-10 system was supplied at two of the largest venues, Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey and the Aqueduct Racetrack on Long Island.

The MSL-10 was chosen for its long throw and high intelligibility. At the Meadowlands, David Schierman and Mark Frink designed a system that lifted pairs of MSL-10s 40 feet into the air by large fork lifts. The system was provided by Andrew's Audio consultants of New York City.

In spite of the steady downpour of rain, the system provided crystal clear sound for almost 100,000 people. Because of their built-in environmental system, the speakers stayed dry for the meaningful service.

May, 1996


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