LYON: Linear line array loudspeakers
with utmost flexibility


The new self-powered LYON line array system brings the uncompromising power and clarity of a linear system to just about any application you can envision. In a compact package designed for flexibility, LYON provides tremendous headroom and precision so that the audience hears a show exactly as it was intended.

The LEO Family Grows, Smaller

As with LEO, LYON faithfully reproduces the source material, providing uncolored, reliable, and consistent results. With LYON, engineers can feel confident that the sound created on stage and at FOH is faithfully reproduced by the loudspeaker system, so they can focus on delivering their mix to the audience. Today’s plugins allow FOH engineers to apply their desired effects upstream without the need to push loudspeakers to the edge of power compression to achieve an effect. The nature of a linear system guarantees that even the most detailed refinements to the mix can be heard and reproduced consistently across all levels. Linear systems are scalable, allowing engineers to be confident that their studio mix will translate accurately when it’s reproduced at a concert.

Two Versions for Maximum Flexibility

LYON is available in two versions designed to provide maximum flexibility in system design. The LYON-M main loudspeaker serves as the anchor for installations in arenas and large auditoriums, as well as tours and festivals.

LYON-W provides wider horizontal coverage at the bottom of LYON arrays and it can also be used for the top of an out-fill array for upper side arena seating. LYON loudspeakers work seamlessly with LEO-M systems, handling the wider coverage needs at the bottom of LEO-M arrays, and serving as outfill or delay arrays when needed.

Complete System Approach

The self-powered 1100-LFC low-frequency control element and the Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system round out the LYON system.

The 1100-LFC gives engineers a new level of control and power in the low-frequency domain, and allows them to deploy a variety of low-end steering techniques with headroom and coverage consistency at all levels.

Galileo Callisto is a proven hardware and software solution for driving and aligning Meyer Sound loudspeaker array systems, and it includes versatile filters that make precision calibration for line array systems much more efficient.

For on-stage monitoring, the MJF family of monitors is ready for the task, either the new MJF-210 or the larger MJF-212A.

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