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The Crossing Church

Cathedral of Christ The Savior, Moscow

Eastside Christian Church

Advanced Audio for Modern Worship

Today’s worship styles embrace both the arts and technology, with changes apparent across all traditions and denominations. Everywhere you look, congregations are incorporating amplified music, drama, and video presentations into the worship experience, along with the ever-present demand for intelligibility.

This multimedia approach to worship places extraordinary demands on a sound system. Audio systems must not only provide intimate communication of the spoken word, but also deliver full-range, high-impact music reproduction.

Meyer Sound systems help churches meet the needs of contemporary worship, providing industry-leading reliability and a pioneering level of advanced technology that precludes premature system obsolescence while providing the greatest ease of use.

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Phoenix First Assembly of God

Church in the Heights


Meyer Sound for Worship:
The Message is Clear

"We couldn't be more thrilled with our Meyer Sound systems. With the Meyer boxes, when you turn them up, they don't get harsh. The sound just keeps getting bigger and bigger, until it reaches out and grabs hold of you."

- Jeff Mullen
Executive Pastor, Point of Grace Church

"It's like night and day. Now most people say they are amazed at what they are hearing. It's like the pastor is sitting next to you, having a conversation with you. The intelligibility is incredible. And not only can they hear what's going on, but they can feel it – not because it's loud but because it's very full and warm."

- Mike Gerrells
Technical Director, Cross Pointe

"The system is extremely musical. We have everything here from a 150-piece traditional choir with 14-piece orchestra to swing jazz and Southern gospel. Then, on Sunday nights we turn it up with contemporary praise music. The system rocks, and I don't think I could blow it up if I tried."

- Don Lawrence
Director of Audio at Cornerstone Church