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For almost three decades, the story of Meyer Sound has been intertwined with the development of modern theatrical sound design. The two have come of age together.

With use on hundreds of Broadway, West End, and Las Vegas productions, and installations in regional theatres and performing arts centers around the world, theatrical sound designers' preference for Meyer Sound is beyond question. But Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers meet more needs than making actors heard. Music, sound effects, AV soundtracks; whatever you need to reinforce, Meyer Sound can bring clarity, articulation, and projection to your venue or production.

Meyer Sound's unique relationship with theatre sound can be traced back to the early 1980s, when a leading Broadway sound designer worked with John Meyer to define a loudspeaker perfectly suited to musical theatrical productions. The resulting product was the original UPA-1 loudspeaker, and the self-powered version of this product, the UPA-1P, is still widely used today. The Meyer Sound name became synonymous with exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability in a package small enough to be unobtrusive.

Today, as sound designers become ever more adventurous, Meyer Sound responds with continuing innovations and new additions to the industry's most comprehensive line of self-powered systems. Yet now, as in the early days of the company, the fundamentals remain the same: compact size, high power, low distortion and reliability.

Meyer Sound covers the rest of the theatrical signal path with the Matrix3 audio show control system, a wholly scalable and configurable system that provides everything needed for theatrical audio from the output of the microphones to the input of the self-powered loudspeakers. You'll find the Matrix3 at the heart of many high-profile stage productions.

Installing Meyer Sound in your theatre equips it for anything that comes through the door and delivers the performance that audiences have come to expect.

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Meyer Sound in Las Vegas

Featured Sound Designers
Francois Bergeron
Andrew Bruce
Christopher Cronin
Jonathan Deans
Roger Gans
Mark Grey
Nick Lidster
Tony Meola
Mick Potter

Shows Using Meyer Sound Equipment

"Blast! brought in a Meyer system using CQs and it was the best sound I'd ever heard in this room. The very next day I was on the internet, trying to find out how we could get a pair in here for a demo."

- Jeff McManus,
Technical Director, Ovens Auditorium

"It's such a wonderful opportunity to be here at Williamstown," Coleman enthused between shifts in show design and mixing one of the Main Stage musicals. "There's so much to learn, and I'm truly grateful to Meyer Sound for giving me the chance to focus on that learning and not have the pressures of worrying about my finances while I'm here."

- Elizabeth Coleman,
Meyer Sound Fellowship recipient
Williamstown Theatre Festival

"When specifying Meyer for these performances I know I will get great support from everyone, right through to John and Helen Meyer themselves, who seem to have a great understanding of the artistic vision and seeing it all come to fruition."

- Mark Grey,
Sound Designer