2009 Stories Date Location

M’elodie Clarifies Worship at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church November, 2009 North America
Meyer Sound Makes a Big Impression, Leaves a Small Footprint in Christ Church Cranbrook September, 2009 North America
At Northland Church, Constellation Makes Dallas Symphony Feel at Home June, 2009 North America
Grace Community Church Gains Intimacy with Constellation May, 2009 North America
M1D System Complements Angular Architecture of St. Laurence Catholic Church in Texas March, 2009 North America
350,000 Celebrate Experience Gospel Concert in Lagos with GQ Acoustics and Meyer Sound February, 2009 North America
South Korea's Shin Kwang Church Offers Versatile Performance Space with Meyer Sound MILO January, 2009 Asia-Pacific
Meyer Sound M'elodie Opens New Possibilities for Cathedral Hall in Moscow January, 2009 Europe
Impressive Directivity of Meyer Sound Loudspeakers Proves Essential at Tucson's Faith Tabernacle January, 2009 North America