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The Dubai Mall

"Shoppertainment" for the eye and ear

Sound reinforcement in a retail environment can dramatically enhance a shopper's experience. Regardless of the actual application, from ambient music in an iconic clothing store, to synchronized soundtracks at a large water fountain in a mall, exceptional sound quality no longer needs to come with giant loudspeakers that clash with the beauty of an interior. Meyer Sound believes the total effect of your sound system should be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear, and has provided system integrators with tools that not only delivers the clarity of natural sound, but blends seamlessly with the design and decor of the architecture.

Retail Applications


"We wanted to design an audio system that could deliver the impact of a full-blown theatre experience.... I have no doubt that the Meyer Sound loudspeakers sealed the deal. There is no other loudspeaker that sounds this good right out of the box."

David Schwartz
Director of Audio/Video Technology
Abercrombie & Fitch

"What's so impressive is the way the Meyer Sound system integrates so discreetly with the décor and design, yet still delivers warm, intelligible sound throughout the area."

Sue Gosling
Head of Contentainment

"Music can change the mental state to make buying easier, and the high quality of the Meyer Sound system helps relax customers' mood immediately."

Cristoph Bründl
Owner, Intersport

"The state-of-the-art Meyer system allows Miracle Mile Shops' new fountain feature to transform from a tranquil piece of art to an entertainment centerpiece by surrounding shoppers with dramatic, original soundtracks synchronized to lighted water effects and eruptions 50 feet high."

Russell Joyner
Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Miracle Mile Shops