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Cruise Ships

Celebrity Solstice

Queen Victoria

Oasis of the Seas

Reliability and sound quality for a luxury voyage at sea

Cruise ship entertainment continually reaches towards new heights. Today's cruise ships are cities of entertainment on the water, striving to pamper every guest with an unforgettable experience. Only the first-rate audio equipment can match the luxury ocean liners and the multifaceted onboard features, including movie screens on the deck, Broadway-style theatre shows, and ambient bars, lounges, and restaurants. Because of the difficulty of finding replacement parts and scheduling maintenance when a cruise ship is out at sea, Meyer Sound systems' signature reliability is particularly valuable for the crews, while their sound quality, size, and visual impact open up options for designers. Where sound is concerned, nothing should be compromised.

Cruise Ships Applications


"I have been installing Meyer Sound's self-powered systems whenever I have the opportunity. Sound quality is the majority of the decision but the self-powered option opens many opportunities on a ship that have before not been possible. As a result, thousands of passengers are enjoying events with pristine audio in areas that have previously lacked audio support."

Christopher Vlassopulos
Entertainment Technology Specialist,
Royal Caribbean International

"I've always liked the sound quality of the Meyer loudspeakers. But I also appreciate the extraordinary reliability. I can't think of a problem I've had with a Meyer speaker, ever. They are just rock solid. That's critical, because you don't want systems going down when you're in the middle of the Atlantic."

Wayne Tepley
Corporate Production Manager, Celebrity Cruises

"If something breaks down out at sea, it's a lot more complicated to get replacement parts. Meyer gear is built to the highest standards, and that's the right match for the Queen Victoria."

Alan Edwards
Principal Sound Designer, Nautilus Entertainment Design