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A Next-Generation Cinema Sound Experience

With advanced consumer electronics expanding entertainment options at home, it's tougher than ever to get audiences out to the movies. When they do come, today's movie-goers bring with them a new set of expectations shaped by high definition home theatres. It's not enough anymore that the movie theatre experience simply be different from watching at home-it has to be better. To keep customers coming back, theatres must deliver a totally engaging experience, one that immerses and thrills. Digital cinema will give every theatre the potential to present the rich, exciting sound audiences crave. But to realize that potential, a theatre's sound system must be able to reproduce 21st-century soundtracks in their full glory, with the full intensity and nuance so carefully crafted into today's movie soundtracks reaches every listener without compromise. And it will also have to deliver a convincing immersive experience for 3D and simulcasts. That's where Meyer Sound comes in.

Cinema Applications



John Meyer on Cinema Sound:

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"Acheron's clarity and power, along with ease of setup and equalization trimming, makes them unique in my experience. I've never had the pleasure of a working with a better monitoring setup."

Walter Murch
Academy Award-winning film editor and re-recording mixer,
Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, and The Conversation.

"We've been relying on Meyer Sound HD-1 monitors for years in our sound design rooms. And our experience with X-800 subwoofers in our Stag Theatre has also been highly successful. So the application of Meyer Sound technology to screen channel and surround speakers is a development that we are following with great anticipation."

Jim Austin
Senior engineer, Skywalker Sound

"The Acheron speakers really reveal a level of detail that's absolutely critical for teaching. I have a clip from 'Road to Perdition' that I use with my students every year, and I was hearing a ticking sound I'd never noticed before. I looked up at the picture and noticed water dripping in the corner, which turned out to be the source of the ticking sound. In all this time, I'd never heard that before."

Midge Costin
Academic head, USC Sound Department
Sound editor, Crimson Tide, Broken Arrow, and The Rock.