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High Definition Sound for the A/V Industry

The AV industry has witnessed an explosion of high-definition visual display technologies in recent years. Not surprisingly, when clients see superior visuals, they expect audio quality to match.

Meyer Sound self-powered systems are exceptionally suited for AV applications due to their reliability, ease of reconfiguration, overall cost-efficiency and superior sound. Because they are designed from the start as whole systems, Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers achieve maximum performance, presenting both superior sound and high operating efficiency.

But, above all, the flat frequency and phase responses of Meyer Sound systems make them simply sound better. No matter how spectacular and finely detailed your visual images, Meyer Sound is ready with audio to match them and maximize their impact.

Corporate A/V Applications


Case Study

Hilton Americas

"...our Meyer Sound system responds quite well to this challenge, mainly by the use of many well-distributed and calibrated mid-level sources around the auditorium. Also, the light weight and small size of the UPM-1Ps make it very easy to rig the elevated part of the 3D sound setup."

- Professor Juan Pampin,
University of Washington

"If you're going to put everything else on fiber optic lines, it doesn't make sense to run all those 70-volt speaker lines as well. Using the self-powered Meyer Sound systems greatly simplified everything, both conceptually and logistically."

- Bill Schuermann,
HFP Acoustical

"[The client was] pleased beyond any expectation. There was not one sound complaint from the over 5,000 attendees during the entire three-day event... [The event] benefited immeasurably from the ability to design a sound system using MAPP Online. The ability to design a system as homework not only saves time on the job-site, but also achieves the best possible results."

- George Relles,
George Relles Sound