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Multimedia Exhibitions

"Circuitry of Life"

Sonic Mappings

@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Immersive New Soundscapes

Whether the goal is to celebrate the creative genius of an artist, or communicate a compelling social message to drive awareness and action, the use of multimedia in exhibitions engages visitors with a whole new dimension to a collection, provides a relevant context, and helps the organizers reach a broader audience. A strong interest in the arts across Meyer Sound has led to cooperation with many forward-thinking artists and curators who have designed an assortment of soundscapes for their projects. Small-footprint, yet powerful and high-fidelity Meyer Sound systems have proven valuable as they subtly enliven photography, fashion, and science exhibits, as well as other contemporary and iconic art programs, contributing to many innovative aural experiences beyond one's imagination.

Multimedia Exhibitions Applications


"I've been doing sound for over 30 years and it's been one of the most extraordinary experiences I've had. The sound from the MM-4XPs has transformed the whole experience. The photographs suddenly gained more life, as if there was something alive behind them."

Jim LeBrecht
Sound designer
Trading Traditions exhibit

"I've worked with Meyer Sound speakers for many years, and particularly the MM-4XP, which I've used for several exhibitions in Paris. Besides sounding great and being exceptionally discreet, they can meet the need to run for ten hours per day, six days per week, without a problem."

Philippe Wojtowicz
Sound designer
Warhol Live

"In my works, I've come to rely on the accuracy of Meyer Sound loudspeakers. My medium is sound. I could create the most interesting piece, but if it doesn't translate to the space, it's worthless."

Bill Fontana
Sound designer
Speeds of Time exhibit

"One of our goals for this exhibit was to touch people with the unique experience of Aldabra by creating a truly multisensory exhibit. The Matrix3 system enabled us to design an immersive soundscape which, along with the pictures, could provide visitors with the most startlingly realistic experience of the atoll."

Bram Boers
Sound Designer
Aldabra: An Atoll for Humanity

"When you hear the ambient sound in the background, people look around for the reality to confirm it. The sound in this exhibit really changed the visual. Suddenly there's a whole new emotional content."

Lonny Shavelson
Sound artist and photojournalist
Trading Traditions exhibit