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In all of the years of Meyer Sound's existence, one fact has emerged time and again: the closer we are to our customers, the better the experience is for everyone. As a result, Meyer Sound has established offices around the world in order to provide local sales and support. Meyer Sound offices in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Russia enable us to serve our customers in their own languages and time zones. Rather than simply allow information on new technologies and products to filter slowly out to the world, Meyer Sound staff from Berkeley and other locations travel the world to bring training directly from the factory to the user base, on the job and behind the scenes. Meyer Sound also locates technical support staff strategically around the globe in order to assure fast, on-site help for customers.

Similarly, Meyer Sound maintains an office in the famed Soundcheck rehearsal facility in Nashville, Tenn., (aka "Music City") to keep in direct contact with the needs of artists and touring production staff. With Meyer Sound systems installed in Soundcheck's four primary rehearsal studios and Meyer Sound staff on hand to help, artists working at Soundcheck experience the power and clarity of our systems. The office itself provides a friendly spot for engineers, production staff and artists to kick back and rub elbows with their peers or audition the surround sound system installed there.



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