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Power and Clarity for Today’s Sports Venues

The new era of "sportainment" places unprecedented demands on sound systems in sports venues of all sizes, from gymnasiums to stadiums and arenas. Retaining good voice intelligibility in the presence of high ambient noise remains a crucial consideration, but today’s systems must also offer higher power and wider bandwidth to accommodate the music, video soundtracks and even live bands that are being integrated into sporting events and halftime activities.

Sporting venues present extreme challenges in regard to sound projection and pattern control. Large outdoor stadiums with point-source systems call for exceptional long-throw capability, while indoor arenas are notoriously reverberant. Meyer Sound offers a full range of solutions to meet these demands, in fact, Meyer Sound is the only company to make the revolutionary SB-1 parabolic long-throw sound beam, a highly directional device capable of providing high intelligibility at distances of over 300 feet.

When the games begin, Meyer Sound systems stand ready to provide sound that is powerful, intelligible and musical - the ideal complement to any contemporary sporting event.

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Meyer Sound: Power and Clarity for Sports Venues

"The Meyer Sound loudspeakers were a natural choice for a number of reasons...We had used Meyer products exclusively at the Kodak Theatre, so key people at AEG were already familiar with the sound quality. Also, because the loudspeakers have the amplifiers inside, we did not need a massive amount of extra conduit or cabling, nor did we need extra space for air-conditioned amplifier rooms. That kept overall costs down."

- Bob Patrick,
IPR Services

"When we first set up, we heard some snide comment about the small size of the system. But once we turned the PA on, all the critics were silenced. A new generation of rockers is on the rise in South Africa, and they love the sound of Meyer!"

- Hans Rooseboom,
Managing Director, Solid Rock Productions

"When configured for both floor and balcony coverage, the system puts just over 86dB on the back wall - which for a speaker that size is amazing. When you're actually in the venue you can barely see them."

- Scott Wakelin,
Marquee Audio