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Sports Venues

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Power and Clarity for Today’s Sports Venues

The new era of "sportainment" places unprecedented demands on sound systems in sports venues of all sizes, from gymnasiums to stadiums and arenas. Retaining good voice intelligibility in the presence of high ambient noise remains a crucial consideration, but today’s systems must also offer higher power and wider bandwidth to accommodate the music, video soundtracks and even live bands that are being integrated into sporting events and halftime activities.

Sporting venues present extreme challenges in regard to sound projection and pattern control. Large outdoor stadiums with point-source systems call for exceptional long-throw capability, while indoor arenas are notoriously reverberant. Meyer Sound offers a full range of solutions to meet these demands, in fact, Meyer Sound is the only company to make the revolutionary SB-1 parabolic long-throw sound beam, a highly directional device capable of providing high intelligibility at distances of over 300 feet.

When the games begin, Meyer Sound systems stand ready to provide sound that is powerful, intelligible and musical - the ideal complement to any contemporary sporting event.

Sports Venues Applications


"In the past, there has been much echo due to reflections from all over the stadium, and only a limited area of the crowd could clearly understand the speech. With our Meyer set-up, it was the first time people complimented us on the fact that everything could be heard clearly right to the back row - especially speech."

- Sandeep Dhawan
Proprietor, Dhawan Stagecrafts

"People were asking me, 'What is the PA doing up there? I couldn't hear anything through it.' I took that as a great compliment, for myself and for all the others involved, because with the PA off you couldn't really hear much of anything in that huge venue."

- Bob Scott,
FOH, Sydney Superdome

"It was a frighteningly fast-track job, but in the end it blew the old system away. In particular, the Meyer system has proven very successful in minimizing any mid- or high-frequency bleed onto the field."

- R.J. Coleman
Principal System Design Engineer
Pro Sound, Miami