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Live Performance Venues




Satisfying Every Artist That Comes to Play

Meyer Sound’s name has always been synonymous with the best reproduction available for live music. From ballroom-size venues like the world-famous Fillmore Auditorium to concert halls like the even-more-famous Carnegie Hall, Meyer Sound systems deliver the full spectrum of musical styles with clarity, power, punch, intelligibility, and evenness across both volume levels and the frequency spectrum.

Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers are as easy to operate as they are to install and keep performing accurately for years. Whether invisibly reinforcing symphony or opera, or cranking out heavy hip-hop beats, Meyer Sound is the one name that will satisfy every artist that comes to play.

Live Performance Venues Applications



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Meyer Sound in Las Vegas

"[Our] first impression was simply amazing. When you're a sound engineer, you're not used to hearing high frequencies like that."

- Peter Brümmer, sound engineer

"What I love about Meyer Sound stuff is that it's so versatile. It's great to be able to install one system that can cover so many different types of applications, and do it all so well. Especially in this day and age of limited budgets, now even smaller productions can have it all."

- Elton Halley, DECK Productions

"Tuning only took a short time owing to the MAPP predictions we had worked out," says Tomioka. "All the seating areas of the venue had a consistent sound field. The sound merged quite naturally, even in the areas where multiple systems overlapped."

- Hiroaki Tomioka
Acoustic Technical Lab